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Blockpower is a leading crypto asset management company, engaging in all spectrum of crypto asset investments, including primary market token investments and secondary market trading and validation businesses.


We have been engaged in mining, crypto trading, arbitrage, private investments and ICO investments since 2013 and participated in Ethereum ICO back in 2014 (and was a significant coin holder globally) and subsequently participated in other ICOs. Together, we invested in around 30 projects, primarily public blockchains projects and ecosystem projects.


Our portfolio includes (but not limited to) the following projects: Ethereum, Ripple, Filecoinipfs), Cosmos, Tezos, Maidsafe, BAT, Golem, Bancor, Decentraland, Status, Aragon, Civic,, Hashingbot etc.


Our founding team comprises of crypto evangelists, technology experts and veterans from Fortune 500 technology companies and Wallstreet prestige investment banks and private equity firms (Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Hony Capital etc).

We believe in a decentralized world and this is just the start of a great movement.

  • Blockpower Capital

    Our token investment businesses, primarily participating in token private sales and ICOs and equity investments into blockchain startups, crypto portfolio management and incubation.
  • Hashingbot Technology Limited

    This is our secondary market operation, where we engage in crypto trading employing HF trading strategies across the board. We also provide liquidity for crypto projects and act as market makers for major exchanges worldwide and provide market data feeds and token index products.
  • Blockpower Staking( )

    Our validation businesses for major PoS/DPoS blockchains, currently operating Tezos baking node (operational) and Cosmos (testnet) and also will participate in other upcoming projects including Filecoin, Polkadot, Dfinity, Rchain etc. Most of these public blockchains are our portfolio investees and we will put our token as security/staking deposit for running these validation businesses and receive delegation from external coin holders.

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