About us

Blockpower Staking is an affiliate of Blockpower Capital, which operates professional staking services for multiple Proof of Stake(and its variants) platforms, including Tezos, Cosmos, Polkadot, Dfinity and Filecoin etc. We’ve been into crypto since the good old Ethereum days and we believe in a multi-chain and multi-consensus future and Tezos is one of the major future blockchains in which we believe.

Why choose us?

Competitive Fee and Immediate payout

5% dynamic fee applied for existing and new delegators from Cycle 47 to Cycle 53 (both inclusive).

From Cycle 54 onwards, 10% dynamic fee resumed.

We make payout every cycle.

Highest Success Rate and Efficiency with 24/7 Uptime

We are ranked top 2 in terms of success rate at: https://bakendorse.com/#/bakers-rankings

Baking operation is maintained by the team of professionals and corporate-grade hardware with maximized uptime.

Bond with Our Own Money

We as a genesis Tezos contributor, are offering one of the largest bonds (upto 1m XTZ) among Tezos bakers and risk our own capital before all delegators.

Dedicated Service and Support

We are reachable across different channels, including emails, Telegram, Twitter and Reddit.


1. Are my XTZs safe delegating to you?

Yes, you won’t reveal your private key by delegating to us and you are not transferring your XTZs to us. You have 100% control over your private key and account while delegating.

2.What is the delegation schedule and reward distribution schedule?

Cycle 0 : You delegate XTZs to us.

Cycle 7: Per Tezos’s protocol, your delegated XTZs begin to earn rewards for you.

Cycle 13 : Per Tezos protocol, your rewards at Cycle 7 to be delivered, we will pay out your rewards after fee every cycle onwards.

3.What is your delegation fee?

We charge 15% dynamic fee on your delegated rewards.

4.How to delegate to us?

(1) We will walk you through the delegation process by using Tezbox (https://wallet.tezbox.com) .

(2) Create Tezos wallet (if you already have one, login in your wallet) on Tezbox.

(3) To delegate your XTZ, you need to create a KT1 Account by pressing "Add Account" at the top left corner.

(4) Your KT1 account will created and added to the Tezos blockchain in about one minute.

(5) Send your XTZ to the newly created KT1 Account.

(6) Click “Delegate”, select "Custom" and enter tz1LmaFsWRkjr7QMCx5PtV6xTUz3AmEpKQiF, then click “UPDATE DELEGATE”

(7) Done! Now, we will do the baking for you.

Contact Email: tezos@blockpower.capital